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Voyager 1 Blend

Voyager 1 Blend

Bergamot, Dark Berries, Dark chocolate, butter caramel


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About this coffee
“Beauty is twice beauty and good is doubly good” wrote Pablo Neruda when speaking of his comfy wool socks in
his Ode to my socks poem. This passage is precisely what comes to mind every time we taste this blend. The tart
sweetness, full-body from the Sumatran component, the crisp brightness of the Ethiopian coffee added to the
juiciness of the natural Colombian brings a very comforting balance cup of drip or pour-over, and sitting on the darker side of a roast also makes an excellent cold
brew candidate.

• We take our time to put all of our coffee offerings through a meticulous selection process to ensure to only bring you the ones with the best qualities to become a fun to brew delicious cup.
• Every bag of our whole bean coffee is shipped within 24 hours of roasting.


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