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Dried fruit, malt, white wine, golden raisin, apricot, red cherries, plum,genmaicha tea, miso, soft cranberry.


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About this coffee
In the world, as we know it, Cascara (husk) is the by-product of the coffee harvest process sometimes often discarded. For centuries coffee growing communities used it to make a delicious tea-like drink, making it an exciting way to get your caffeine fix in a whole different fruity way. As the use of Cascara is becoming more and more popular in cafes in the US and around the world in the form of sodas and tea, The University of Costa Rica and Helsar micro mill since 2012 have been researching a way to spin it on its head and create a food-grade Cascara using modern technology,
pasteurization and specialization.
As a result, Caturra, Catuai, and Villalobos coffees from Finca Anonos and Santa Lucia in Naranjo Costa Rica comprise this unique lot full of juicy fruity flavors and natural sweetness.

What we taste: dried fruit, malt, white wine, golden raisin, apricot, red cherries, plum, genmaicha tea, miso, soft cranberry
Proc. Method: Dehydrated, Pasteurized
Region: Llano Bonita de Naranjo,Costa Rica

• We take our time to put all of our coffee offerings through a meticulous selection process to ensure
to only bring you the ones with the best qualities to become a fun to brew delicious cup..


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